Luxurious gloves, made by our hands for yours

We are one of the few remaining glove workshops, creating hand- and machine-stitched gloves with a range of designs.

Read about our process below.


We learned the art of hand-stitching leather gloves from Ireland's last living glovers. Having honed the skills needed, modernized our patterns, and taught dozens of students the dying craft of hand-stitching gloves, we are very proud to offer both made-to-order gloves, and workshops so that you can also learn this skill.

Read about the history, process, and materials below. To learn more about how to order a pair or where we are next teaching a class, scroll further down the page or reach out to us.

Patterning and Stretching

Before cutting, we measure your hand and tailor our patterns to make sure the fit is snug. The inherent qualities of glove-grade skins means they must also be carefully stretched to ensure the right fit.


We cut out all of the components for the gloves: the main body or 'tranks', the thumbs, and the sections that are stitched in-between each finger - fourchettes and quirks. Including quirks sets us apart from many ill-fitting, commercially available gloves.


We either hand-stitch or machine-stitch the components together, depending on the style of the glove or the preference of the customer.

Hand-stitching gloves is a complicated skill that only few craftspeople worldwide can do professionally.

Personalization and finish

Depending on your inputs, preferences, or requests, we make your pair of gloves bespoke for you. Not only will they look exactly how you want them, but they will also fit your hands exactly - like gloves!

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