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At Skinner Designs, we offer high-quality Canadian-made leather products. We offer a made-to-order service that allows you to truly experience an object that has been made for you.

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Traditional Craftsmanship for the modern day

We believe that what we wear and use should provide a sense of enjoyment and pride. We strive for a return to owning better-quality objects that both look after us, as well as require that we look after them instead of being discarded.

We want to demonstrate the benefit of handmade, long-lasting heirlooms over convenient, fast, cheap goods. Many brands rely on reputation over merit, so we are determined to show why buying a Skinner product is a worthwhile investment.

We want to help you form an expression, accentuate your outfit, dress to impress, and give you a legacy object to pass on.


Click here to view our range of made-to-order goods. Choose from a set design and select your customizations to order a bespoke product specifically for you.

Apprentice Kits

Browse our range of do-it-yourself kits. We offer a range of products and skill levels, so whether you're looking for a fun activity for the weekend or want to begin in professional leatherwork, there will be a kit for you.

Techniques and Materials

Visit this page to read up on the materials we use, the techniques we employ, and all of the ways that you can have your product customized.

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