-Where do you source your leather/materials from?

The leather I currently use and later intend on using are from various countries. Our gloving leather comes from the UK, as does our vegetable tanned pigskin. We intend on offering vegetable tanned cowhide from the US, wild deerskin from northern Europe, and goat skin from France. Lining suedes are sourced from a local supplier in Toronto.

We use hardware from both the UK and the US. We use Riri zippers made in Switzerland. We intend on incorporating linen and tweed fabric from Ireland in future designs.


-Can I get a product personalised?

To an extent. We do not offer getting initials monogrammed/embossed into products at this time. You can customise a product by choosing a lining colour, hardware colour, thread colour or by getting a design of your choosing stitched onto the product. Get in touch with your ideas and we can talk through possibilities.


-Can you do volume/bulk/corporate gifts?

Yes! Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.


-How do I measure my hand size for gloves?

Our glove sizes correspond to the circumference of the hand. To measure this, get a tailor’s measuring tape and wrap it around your hand just below your knuckles. Make sure to do this on your dominant hand, as it can be slightly larger, and round up to the nearest half-inch if necessary. The measurement in inches is your glove size.