Our core tenets

With everything we do, we adhere to three strict tenets. These help shape our values and ethos as we create long-lasting products and experiences for you.

We believe in accountability for any issue you have with your product or experience.

We have a responsibility to ensure, whenever possible, that we source materials from North America or Europe. We aim to use wholly recyclable or reusable materials in our packaging and kits.

We aim to create a connection with our customers. Our products and services are intended to garner long-lasting relationships, so we enjoy knowing as much about our customers as they do about us.

Your product is intended to be yours uniquely: as such, we strive to ensure that any personalization, embellishment, or detail that is requested is attempted without compromise whenever possible.

Accessibility is paramount to us: with our kits and tutorials, we strive to make sure that the accompanying media is clear, concise, without bias, and fair.

We make every effort to ensure all communications with customers, vendors, students, and members of the public are cordial, respectful, and memorable. We ask that that this is returned.

We make sure to use the best quality materials, techniques, and solutions when creating your products or teaching a workshop you are attending.

About Us

SKINNER Designs was started in 2023 by designer, craftsman, and teacher Kasper Skinner. Having been working with leather for over ten years, he draws upon his experience making bags and small goods, journals, watch straps, hand-stitched gloves, and making and repairing shoes to bring you a large catalog of leather products.

Today, Kasper lives in Kitchener, Ontario, and operates out of a home workshop. He teaches out of various venues in the province, and commonly collaborates with other craftspeople and creatives to provide you with as local an experience as possible.

We operate under the opinion that our work must speak for itself, and so our brand strengthen by its merit rather by reputation alone.

Kasper's multi-faceted background ensures that whatever you need a solution for, we can approach it with responsibility, personability, and professionalism at all times.